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VCE Physics Podcasts – All are available in the iTunes store

Don’t forget that all of the podcasts can be found at

The best option is to subscribe in iTunes for the free download of all of the podcasts (currently there 48). New episodes can be automatically downloaded to your computer. These can viewed on an iPad or similar device, or through iTunes on your computer.

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Photonicinduction – 10 second kettle

Photonicinduction and Polar again take control of the power supply but this time test an Electric Kettle to it’s limits and beyond, the speed and power is surprising.

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Veritasium – Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

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The strongest magnet in the world

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The Fabric of The Cosmos: Quantum Leap

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Vsauce – How Earth Moves

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Physics Girl – Can you push a spacecraft with light?

What if you could power a ship using sunlight instead of wind? Well in space, you can! Solar sails or light sails are pushed with light from the sun. Photons provide a kick when they reflect off the sail pushing the sail like an air molecule in the wind pushes a sailboat. Find out how a solar sail works and about the future of this technology!

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Physics Girl – Exploding soda cans with electromagnets in slow motion

Watch a soda can rip itself apart in a fiery explosion at 11,000fps with a Phantom high speed camera. Running a current through a coil, produces an electromagnet. Turn up the voltage in this experiment, and make that current strong enough, and your electromagnet can rip a soda can in half. Or rather, make the can rip itself in half! This video was filmed at Arc Attack Studios in Austin, TX with Joe Hanson, Joe DiPrima, John DiPrima and Darren Dyk.

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Checkpoint Solutions – 2016

Thanks to Colin Hopkins of Bialik College, here are the worked solutions to the Checkpoints 2016 Unit 3 & 4 Physics book.

1. Motion Basics solutions 2016
2. Forces solutions 2016
3. Energy solutions 2016
4. Momentum solutions 2016
5. Projectile Motion solutions 2016
6. Circular Motion solutions 2016
7. Gravity solutions 2016
8. Electronics Basics solutions 2016
9. Photonics solutions 2016
10. Amplifiers solutions 2016
11. Magnetic and Electric basics solutions 2016
12. Motors solutions 2016
13. Generation Principles solutions 2016
14. Transformers and transmission solutions 2016
15. Wave – Particle properties of Light solutions 2016
16. Wave Properties of Matter solutions 2016
17. Energy Levels of Atoms solutions 2016

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Exam formula sheet

Here is a copy of the exam formula sheet with rearrangements of equations.
It’s a very long list; it would be useful to make sure that you have the rearrangements (particularly kinematics and gravity) on your own summary sheet.

Formula sheet

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New study design released

The new VCE Physics study design for Year 11 (2016) and Year 12 (2017) has been released:


As a result, the content and categories on this website have been updated to reflect the changes.

Year 12 students in 2016 will still be studying previous old study design; their is some overlap of content (such as Sound and Further Electronics) with the new Year 11 Course.

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