Podcasts can be found at http://vcephysics.podomatic.com/.

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  1. Graham Gottard says:


    when listening to the podcast, the screen is blank most of the time, with very little writing, eg the one on uncertainties, the man is talking about green rectangles with yellow areas, but I cannot se these.

    can you give me any advice/


    • VCE Physics says:

      Hi Graham,

      I think that’s due to the Podomatic Flash Player – it can be a bit buggy. At some stage I need to move these videos to YouTube, but it’s a big job that I haven’t had a chance to do yet.

      The best option is to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and get all of the episodes that way. You can also downed the episode (the link is below the embedded movie player) and play it locally.

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